Social Media User of the Year


Our tagline might be ‘Find a place to grow their world’, but we are also committed to growing our own world. And social media presence is a key part of this – showcasing what makes Banana Moon different, for all to see! There are an estimated 42 million Facebook users in the UK, and over 21 million on Twitter, so these channels are a brilliant way of highlighting the Banana Moon brand and your nursery to prospective parents. Social media has proven itself to be especially invaluable this year, providing a way to engage with and inform parents during lockdown – from providing regular updates, such as reopening dates and safety measures, to engaging lockdown content, such as ‘virtual’ singalongs.

The ‘Social Media User of the Year’ will celebrate the very best social media practice. This year we will be focusing on quality over quantity – we are looking for regular high-quality content, branded artwork, fresh and innovative ideas, and posts that encourage engagement. Not only that – the winner will also be a nursery that responds to all comments and direct messages, engages with posts from Head Office and the rest of the network, utilises a mix of both organic and paid advertising, and works closely with Denfield to ensure consistency on all posts.